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KATZAMI PROGRUP SL is the official distributor in Spain for SNB Professional Bulgaria.

KATZAMI PROGRUP SL was created in order to provide Spanish professionals in the field with the best products for manicure, pedicure and nail care.

SNB Professional products are the best ally in the care of feet, hands and nails, guaranteeing natural and high-quality ingredients, as over 90% of the ingredients incorporated in their products are imported from well-known European companies, such as "Henkel", "BSF" among others.

The strength of SNB Professional lies in its ability to innovate, yet without compromising the quality of its products. Likewise, all SNB Professional products are manufactured according to the requirements of the quality management system of the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2008.

SNB Professional Bulgaria.

It all started in 1993, when Emilia Dinkova and Victoria Uzunyan, two women with a taste for beauty and quality founded "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. as a specialized trade. Inspired by the new trends in manicure, they turned the company into an undisputed market leader; in this way, "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. became the first company to distribute the natural nail extensions and to introduce the well-known "gel nails" into Bulgaria.

Currently, "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. is a member of the "Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Health and Beauty Industry", as well as the "National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics", both in Bulgaria. The company is constantly developing its activities in order to offer the best products to its customers. A symbol of its recognized quality are the various registered trademarks, for instance: Star Nails®, Star Nails® and SNB®.

Chronology of the success

In 2000 the company started its own production located in Plovdiv. In 2007, the company registered its own brand - SNB®, which originated with the purpose of marketing its own products. Today, the SNB product range has more than 150 items and continues to grow.

A national survey showed that the participation of SNB products in the company's total sales volume is around 80%. The wide range of SNB products includes:

  • Manicure products;
  • Pedicure products;
  • Nail care products;
  • Nail polishes;
  • Soluble gel lacquers;
  • Professional UV gels;
  • Acrylic Nail Kits;
  • Nail polish remover.

In 2007, the company established a Center for Vocational Training with license no. 200712488 at the National Agency for Education and Vocational Training in Bulgaria. As a licensed training center, it provides courses for professional training and qualification in the field of "manicure and pedicure", and in the specialty of "manicure, pedicure and nail decoration", which provide a second degree of professional qualification.

In 2009, the training center of "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. received the first prize in the category "Training center with the best program" of the national competition "Salon Arena Of Beauty".

Up to this day, "Star Nails - Bulgaria" successfully manages its branches in Sofia and Plovdiv of its Vocational Training Center. The courses organized there offer the opportunity to acquire professional skills in manicure, pedicure, therapeutic pedicure, design and management of training in the listed specialties. For more than 20 years "Star Nails - Bulgaria" has been supporting professionalization and helping all people who are attracted to this profession to learn and improve their skills.

In 2013, the SNB Professional brand received the prestigious "Brand of the Year" award in the "Beauty" category of the annual "Show of Brands". Since its launch, SNB products have met with increasing interest from its customers. As a result, they are presented at a number of international and national exhibitions, including "InterCharm Moscow", "Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna", "Beautyworld Japan", "Arena Professional Sofia", "Beauty Arena Sofia", "Beauty Festival Plovdiv" and more.

The company's commercial activity is organized in cooperation with distributors in and outside the country. The development of the company is also related to the successful incorporation of the SNB brand in the markets of Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, the Netherlands and Spain. The above-mentioned professional relationships ensure a stable and successful business; therefore, new clients can be confident in obtaining a correct and long-lasting cooperative relationship. In order to continuously improve product quality and customer service, "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. has been certified according to BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015 in "Quality Management Systems".

The goals that "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. achieves on its way are: a high degree of innovation, precision and strictness in the clinical testing of its products; the introduction of advanced technologies in its production; a creative attitude in the development of new products; and the maintenance of a team of experienced and qualified specialists. The purpose of the company is to achieve a first-class product with natural ingredients as its main components. Thus, the team takes systematic and consistent steps to improve the activity in every aspect of the company.

Considering everything mentioned above, the team of "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. defines its mission as "Let’s create beauty!”

After more than 20 years of development together with "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd, Emilia Dinkova and Victoria Uzunyan share their purposes and ambitions in the beauty field this way:

"I love my work and for me it is like a personal mission. The main goal of the company is to give small joys to the customers, helping them improve their appearance and at the same time taking care of their health. In our daily life we tend to ask ourselves questions like: Do I look well? How do others see me? Is it important how society perceives me? Our "Star Nails" team answers these questions in a simple way: beauty is in our hands". - Emilia Dinkova, Manager of "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd.

"Gathering ideas to develop new products is a pleasure for me, and the reward comes when one of our products becomes a hit of the season. The biggest challenge is to be able to create actual products according to the latest trends in professional manicure and pedicure. Thanks to our extensive experience, we create functional products and enjoy the recognition of our customers". - Victoria Uzunyan, General Manager of "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd.

As a result, "Star Nails - Bulgaria" Ltd. is considered a recognized professional company in the field of manicure, nail gel and pedicure, both for its training courses and for its commercial and production activities.