“High quality products, services and training”

The specific details of the activities carried out by "Star Nails-Bulgaria" Ltd. are characterized by the great variety of products, services and materials employed. This requires qualified personnel, understanding of current trends and the use of modern materials and technologies.

In order to achieve significant development in this field, we set specific quality objectives, which are part of the company policy and are subject to annual reviews.

The essence of the quality policy is to formulate a system of managerial and organizational actions related to the continuous improvement of the organization's activity in all of its aspects. It is based on the strategic goals of the organization.

To effectively carry out the quality policy, the company's management establishes the following basic principles, which are applied to its activity:

  1. To satisfy the highest requirements and expectations of the customers and the market.
  2. To maintain honest and correct relationships with the company's customers and suppliers, based on mutual benefit and compliance with legal requirements and regulations in force.
  3. The most valuable resource of "Star Nails-Bulgaria" Ltd. are its customers. Their commitment to the company's activities is key to achieving, maintaining and ensuring product quality and service delivery. Therefore, we offer continuous advancement of employees' skills, professional development and motivation, as well as clear division of responsibilities as a basic principle of the quality policy.
  4. Ensuring good working conditions: effective management of health and safety risks for employees in compliance with applicable legal requirements, as well as the creation of a comfortable and pleasant working environment that contributes to efficiency in daily activities.
  5. The regulated standards and consistency in the implementation of activities derived from the Quality Management System and the Good Manufacturing Practices as well as the Hygiene Practices are mandatory for all employees of the company.
  6. A continuous improvement of quality, by monitoring and analyzing constantly the processes in the company and taking effective corrective measures. The use of current technologies and facilities results in a high quality of the products and optimization of the processes at "Star Nails-Bulgaria" Ltd. guarantees the reduction of defective products.
  7. Principle of process management: the activity of "Star Nails-Bulgaria" Ltd. is the result of interconnected processes, which are considered and managed as a whole system.
  8. The decisions of the organization are based on objective facts and are based on up-to-date and true information. An effective system for communication and management of documented information creates the right conditions for accurate decision making.
  9. Risk management principle: managing risks and using one's own tools is the basis for achieving better results and preventing harmful consequences. At the same time, they help to ensure compliance with current international and state standards and applicable regulations for the company's activities.
  10. The management of "Star Nails-Bulgaria" Ltd. is committed to providing all necessary resources for the conduct and continuous improvement of the quality policy outlined in order to make it a functional principle of management.

The management of "Star Nails-Bulgaria" Ltd. officially declares its quality policy, which is announced and applied at all levels of the organization and periodically updated with the aim of constant improvement.

I, Emilia Dinkova, in my capacity as Manager of "Star Nails - Bulgaria" LTD declare my personal commitment and responsibility for the compliance with the announced quality policy, ensuring the prosperity of the company.

Administrator: Emilia Dinkova